Prism Data Systems is THE single point of contact for a complete Point of Sale Solution. Our mission is to provide products and services that allow the customer to move information from the
Point-of-Sale to the Point-of-Decision.

The past is history, the future is speculation...but the present is NOW.
Real Time Data - the information you need now.


With something as critical as Point-of-Sale it is important to have a single source for all components of the system. Prism can provide our customers with that “single source”. You contact ONE VENDOR for your TOTAL SYSTEM.


Point-of-Sale is an investment that needs to last for an extended period of time. Prism can supply the needed parts and supplies that can keep your investment returning value.


As with any major purchase, the sales evaluation period lasts a few weeks. The service period lasts for the life of the product. Service is an attitude that revolves around “UP TIME” for the customer. When you make your purchase of P.O.S. you expect it to be UP and FUNCTIONING. We recognize that and share that view with our customers.


Any system is only of value if it provides “actionable results”. These results are produced by the implementation of the proper software products for each application.

Last Updated: June 30, 2011
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